EXACKT (Extender over AC Kit)

"Wireless" HDMI up to 1080p

The  EXACKT is an HDMI extender that uses the AC wiring as a medium to transmit HDMI signals that have been converted to H.265 from the TX to the RX.  This is a"plug and play" solution.  Simply plug the HDMI source into the TX and plug it into the AC outlet, then connect the RX to the display and plug it into the AC outlet, done!  The EXACKT also includes an IR receiver and blaster to transmit IR signals from the display (RX end) back the the TX end for source control.

Features & Benefits:

  • Plug and Play operation

  • Up to 3 RX devices can be used with TX

  • HDMI 1.3 (6.75Gbps), HDCP 1.4 compliant

  • Video resolutions up to 1080p 

  • LPCM Stereo (32kHz., 44.1kHz., & 48kHz.

  • HDMI "loop through" to extend existing HDMI circuit to another display

  • Infrared control signal is transmitted together with the HDMI signal (from RX to TX)

  • Supports 480i/480p/720p/1080i/1080p/1400x1050 resolutions

  • Transmission distance:

    • 70m/ 232 ft.:

  • 3-Year Warranty


Specifications subject to change.

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