4K HDMI 60m/196ft. on Cat6, 50m/164ft on Cat5e extender with IR control

The EXMICRO2 is the latest in the Simplified MFG Micro line.  It is a value added 18Gbps extender that transmits the 4K/UHD HDMI @50/60Hz. signal up to 60m/196ft over a single Cat6 cable, while supporting HDR content. It extends 1080p HDMI signals up to 70m/232ft.  The EXMICRO2 supports the entire HDMI 2.0b format including HDR, HDR+, and Dolby Vision.  The extender kit only requires power from one end (either) and has a 1-Way IR kit included (transmits IR from display end to source.)

Features & Benefits:

  • Allows HDMI 2.0b (18Gbps) Audio/Video and IR signals to be transmitted over a single Cat6/5e cable

  • Built in EQ technology to eliminate
    clocking issues

  • Supports EDID copy from receiver display

  • Transmission Range: 

    • 4K@60Hz up to 60m/196ft over Cat6 cable.

    • 1080P@60Hz up to 70m/232ft over Cat6 cable.

  • HDMI1.4 and HDCP2.2 compliant

  • Power from RX or TX

  • Compact design

  • 3-Year Warranty


Specifications subject to change.

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