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HDMI ARC Audio DownMixing Device that will take ARC audio and convert it to RCA and 3.5mm mini stereo audio

The DARC1 HDMI ARC Audio Extractor extracts audio signals (Dolby 5.1 and DTS 5.1) and downmixes the signal to stereo from the HDMI ARC/eARC input on  a compatible display.  The DARC1 converts the ARC format to stereo and outputs that stereo signal via RCA type connectors or via a 3.5mm mini jack. This is a great way to extract stereo from a modern display for headphones or for distributed audio.  The unit is powered via USB Micro to USB Type-A cable so that power can be attained from the USB port on the display.

Primary Use: to extract audio from a display with eARC/ARC and then convert the multichannel audio to stereo.

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HDMI End 2
RCA End 2

Features & Benefits:

  • Converts HDMI ARC audio to Stereo 

  • Compact design

  • Powers from USB port of display

  • Converts 5.1 formats to stereo

  • 3-Year Warranty


Specifications subject to change.

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