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4K/HDCP2.2 HDMI Surge Protector

The HDSURGE HDMI Protector is a single-chip integrated ESD protection solution for HDMI 1.4 or HDMI 1.3 interface. This device offers 13 channels of ESD clamp circuits with flow-through pin mapping that matches HDMI connector high-speed lines. While providing ESD protection, it adds little to no additional distortion to the high-speed differential signals. The monolithic integrated circuit technology ensures that there is excellent matching between the two-signal pair of the differential line (<0.05pF differential matching between TMDS lines). This is an advantage over discrete ESD clamp solutions where variations between two different ESD clamps may significantly degrade the differential signal quality.


The HDSURGE HDMI protector also incorporates an on-chip current limited load switch that is compliant with HDMI 5V out electrical specifications. The short circuit protection at 5V_OUT ensures that the device is not damaged in case there is accidental short to GND. The load switch also incorporates reverse current blocking feature which ensures that the HDMI driver side is not erroneously turned on when two HDMI drivers are connected.This feature prevents 5V “sharing” which is common in many HDMI devices.  If there is a power supply failure on one device, the other HDMI devices in the circuit can be damaged as the device with the power supply failure will try to draw current from other devices possibly damaging them. The reverse current blocking feature prevents this from happening.

Because of the potential difference between the system device (STB,DVD, HDTV, &etc.), connecting the two devices via HDMI cable, can cause an electrical discharge too quickly, causing a spark phenomenon. The HDSURGE HDMI Protector provides excellent ground isolation. By LC circuit discharge voltage exhausting instant impact, protecting the device will not be damaged in high voltage moment.

Primary Use: Protecting Audio Video Receivers and other AV switching devices from electrical surges from externally connected signal boxes like Satellite and Cable boxes.

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Features & Benefits:

  • ESD Protection

  • 4K/UHD YUV 4:2:0 60fps 

  • 5V “Sharing” Protection

  • Spark Protection

  • 3-Year Warranty

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