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4k/UHD Fast switch thin mount matrix with video wall function.​

The VW2 was designed to be a 2x2 4K/UHD (or a myriad of other resolutions) matrix switch that allows you to put four individual pictures or on single picture across 4 displays.  It is thin to accommodate mounting behind displays.  The VW2 also has an intuitive web GUI for easy set up and even control of the device.  The fast switching speed allows changing sources or functions to be done in a fraction of a second.

Primary Use: Create video walls for hospitality and digital signage applications.

Front tsp
Top Tsp
Back tsp

Features & Benefits:

  • 4x4 Fast Switch with Video wall Function

  • 4K 60Hz. (18Gbps, YUV4:4:4)

  • Image flip vertical and horizontal

  • 1 image across all displays, or single image on each display

  • IP, RS232, and IR controllable

  • Thin mount for easier installation behind displays

  • 3 Year Warranty



Specifications subject to change.

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