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The ARCEX is a 90m digital audio extender that extends ARC up to 90m/295ft. to ARC capable audio devices.  The units are powered via supplied USB power supplies.  Power can be attained from display as the current draw of the TX device is abour 1/3 of a Watt.  RX current draw is 0.7W.  CEC and all ARC formats are supported from display back to rack/AVR/ARC capable amplifier.

The ARCEX can also operate as an optical to optical extender as well (S/PDIF).  There is a switch on the TX portion that will switch the unit to optical mode, this will disable ARC mode.  The optical does not output on the HDMI ARC.

Pair Top Angle tsp
Pair Input side angle Tsp
Pair Input side Tsp
Pair switch side Tsp

Features & Benefits:

  • Use your smart TV as your audio source where your amplifier or other ARC enabled audio device is remote

  • Supports al ARC formats

  • 90m/295ft via ARC, 150m/495ft. via optical

  • Powers via USB Micro and draws very little current so display USB ports can be used

  • USB Power Supplies are also included

  • CEC functions are retained so that TV's remote wil control the ARC enabled audio device's volume

  • 3-Year Warranty


Specifications subject to change.

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