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The EXTDA is a 100m digital audio extender that extends optical and/or Coaxial S/PDIF formats over category cable

The EXTDA has an optical S/PDIF input and a coaxial S/PDIF input at the transmitter.  The signal can be transmitted up to 100m at full bandwidth (192kHz.). Distances up to 300m can be achieved by lowering the sampling rate. The EXTDA can send both optical and coaxial S/PDIF signals simultaneously and at the RX, the digital audio can be extracted in an analog format via the 3.5mm mini jack (display audio has to be set to PCM).  The EXTDA is compact and powers from the RX side only.


Features & Benefits:

  • Both optical and coaxial formats (S/PDIF) are supported

  • Either or both formats can be transmitted at the same time

  • RX has the option of selecting the digital audio (either optical or coaxial) to be output via 3.5mm mini jack

  • Supports up to192kHz. sampling rates at 24-bit resolution

  • LPCM, DTS, Dolby Digital, & Dolby Digital + is supported

  • Transmission Range:100m at full bandwidth and 300m at low bandwidth

  • Compact design for an easy and flexible installation

  • Powers at RX only so no power supply is needed at the TX

  • 3-Year Warranty


Specifications subject to change.

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