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1080p H.265 Controller for NM500 Devices


The NMCTL is a control interface/setup device for the NM500 ENC and NM500DEC.  It is used for the initial set up of the NM500DEC and NM500ENC devices.  It is also used as the interface for controlling the system once it is set up.  A router is required in the initial set up phase for the discovery of the ENC and DEC devices.  The web GUI allows for set up of video wall and/or matrix systems.  Devices can be named, configured and set up with preset switched configurations. 

NM500 QS

Features & Benefits:

  • Interface for initial set up of NM500 devices

  • Allows for Naming of devices

  • Allows IP Configuration of devices

  • Creates Video Wall

  • Allows Third-Party control of AV over IP network

  • 3 Year Warranty

Specifications subject to change.

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